Club Manager:  Michael Gosnell, 925-949-9630,
Bridge Room:  925-988-7880  For last minute cancellations!

Rossmoor Duplicate Bridge Club is a private bridge club in the Rossmoor community.  There are 6 games each week plus several unit games on Sundays.  As noted below, most games are for members only or members and invited

The Monday, Tuesday, Friday and Saturday games are in-person. Wednesday and Thursday are on BBO.
In-person games require proof of vaccination.
Masks are encouraged, but optional.
The schedule below is still in effect!
Rossmoor is in the process of implementing a new security system at the gate.  Residents must contact the gate with the names of guests prior to arrival.  
If two non residents want to play together in a Rossmoor game, they should send an EMAIL with their names and date of play to Addie Mattox at:
In this initial testing phase, guests will have to present their driver’s license and receive paper passes that they must keep on their dashboard while visiting.

Effective immediately (10/5/22) Rossmoor’s Tuesday games are open to two non residents to play together, the same as the Friday and Saturday games (see above for the new security system).  Only the Monday game requires a non resident to play with a resident.  See the complete game schedule below:


December 5-10 the Rossmoor Duplicate Bridge Club will have a Royal STaC Tournament at all in-person games.  All point awards will be 25% black, 25% red, 25% silver and 25% gold.  
Entry fee is $1 extra, so $6 for members and $10 for guests.
    When:  Monday, December 12
    Where:   Oak Room at Gateway
    Lunch Served:  11:30 a.m.
    Followed by a brief Annual Meeting and BRIDGE!
    This event is for RDBC MEMBERS ONLY.
    If a non-resident guest is playing in the game that day, they should not arrive before 1:00 PM
Monday – Open and 499er, 1PM Live – Members can invite a guest
Tuesday – Open  and 299er, 1 pm Live – Non resident players will be able to play together as well as with a Rossmoor resident. 
Wednesday – Open (0-5500), 1 pm On-line
Thursday – Open (0-5500),  1 pm On-line
Friday – 0-200, 9 am  Live –  open to all.   Non resident players will be able to play together as well as with a Rossmoor resident.  There will be a mini lesson at 8:45 a.m. and play will begin at 9:00, ending at 11:00.
Saturday –  Open, 1 pm Live – Open to all, including non-Rossmoor residents playing with each other 
GAME RESULTS are here!  Thurs night (open) Results are here

You have a second option for finding a partner for a game. Simply email the club’s google groups site:

Google Group started – click here to review details.  You can get e-mails about news of the Roosmoor DBC