Club Manager:  Michael Gosnell, 925-949-9630,
Bridge Room:  925-988-7880  For last minute cancellations!

Rossmoor Duplicate Bridge Club is a private bridge club in the Rossmoor community.  There are 6 games each week plus several unit games on Sundays.  As noted below, most games are for members only or members and invited guests. However, the Thursday evening game, all unit games, and all STaC games are open to all bridge players.


  • Monday 12:30pm   Open & 499er games – limited to Rossmoor members
  • Tuesday 12:30pm   Open & 199er games – members may invite non-members to play
  • Wednesday 9:30am   Open game -members may invite non-members to play
  • Thursday 7:00pm   Open game – non-members can play, open to all bridge players
  • Friday 9:00am   0-49 MPs – members may invite non-members to play
  • Saturday 12:30pm   Open game -members may invite non-members to play
  • Sunday Unit Games 1:00pm   Held occasionally during the year.  Check the Unit 499 webpage and/or the Rossmoor Special Events calendar for specific dates.  Games are Open & 299er games – non-members can play, open to all bridge players

GAME RESULTS are here!

You have a second option for finding a partner for a game. Simply email the club’s google groups site:


  • Tuesday January 1 No GameNew Year’s Day
  • Mon-Sat January 7-12 Birthday Free Play Week
  • Mon-Sat January 14-19 Junior Fund Charity Week
  • Sunday January 20 UNIT GAME, 1 pm, Open Sect & 299, Open
    Declarer Play
    The Rossmoor Duplicate Bridge Club (RDBC) is offering a class in declarer play for intermediate bridge players.   It will be held on Tuesdays from 9:30-11:30 a.m.   Classes will run for eight weeks beginning Tuesday, January 15.
    Michael Gosnell, club manager, will teach this class.   The text will be the Diamond Series book, “Declarer Play” and will be available from the instructor.
    The class will cover the following:  making a plan for playing no trump and trump contracts, developing tricks through promotion and finesses, ruffing and discarding losers, handling entries, and trump suit play.   A review will be made of Standard American bidding including Stayman, strong two club openers, slam bidding and preempts.
    Two Over One System
    A class in Two Over One is being offered for intermediate players.   It will be held on Mondays from 9:00-11:00 a.m.   Classes will run for eight weeks beginning Monday, January 7.
    Ravi Bhalla will be the instructor.   The text will be “2/1 Game Force System” by Larry Cohen.   If students would like to purchase the book from the instructor for $15, they should indicate this when signing up for the class.
    Topics to be covered will include an explanation of 2/1, when it is in effect and when it is not in effect, subsequent bids by opener, responses other than 2/1 from responder, jumps, principle of fast arrival, 1 NT response after open of 1H or 1S and the next step, and other related topics.  
    Each class will include instructions and practice deals, which reinforce the material taught.  Classes are held in the Oak Room at Gateway.
    To enroll in these classes call Barbara V. Smith at 256-4430.  
    The cost of each class is $40 for members of the RDBC, $50 for resident nonmembers ($10 of which will cover dues in RDBC for 2019), and $80 for nonresidents.  Checks should be made payable to the Rossmoor Duplicate Bridge Club.
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