Contra Costa Bridge Center (CCBC)

The following weekly games are in-person at Contra Costa Bridge Center (at Orinda Masonic Hall, 9 Altarinda Road, Orinda):

  • Monday mornings at Orinda, 11:15, Open, $9 or ticket
  • Tuesday mornings at Orinda, 10:00, 99er, $8 or ticket
  • Thursday mornings at Orinda, 10:30, 999er, $9 or ticket
CCBC will continue to host our other games online (BBO)

on Tuesday – 749er game, Wednesday and Fridays – open game
Contra Costa Bridge Center, Inc. (CCBC) is a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) Public Charity, formed for the purpose of Education.  Our mission is to offer educational and playing opportunities for beginning, intermediate, and experienced bridge players in the greater Contra Costa area. We are striving to make every CCBC offering an enjoyable learning experience.
Board members of Contra Costa Bridge Center, Inc. (and e-mail addresses) are as follows:
Bruce Johnsonbaugh

Location – Orinda Masonic Hall
9 Altarinda Road, Orinda


Note the email addresses for CCBC: for class and event reservations, including requests for a stationary position. Game directors will monitor this email address. for all other communications. The Center manager will monitor this email address.
Stay in touch!

Interim Manager, Michael Kruley

Limited and open games weekly!  Click here for the schedule!   Click here for Game Results!

Stratified Games  All games will have two to three strats, so your results will be compared to players of the same relative skill which means more master points for you.

Pre-Dealt Hands  Games will have hands prepared by dealing machines with hand records supplied after each game.

Fast, accurate scoring. Electronic scoring devices used to reduce scoring errors and provide results instantly 

Online Results. Hand records and results for each pair on every hand are available online for every game. Players can learn from reviewing these results.


      • Click here for the regular weekly schedule at CCBC in-person and on BBO.  
      • Click here for newsletter w upcoming special events.
      • The club began holding face-to-face games in Orinda on August 15, 2022.  Click here for the details.
      • CCBC worked with the Masonic Hall staff, and we were able to get new higher wattage light bulbs installed.  The lighting is now much improved.
      • The week of January 23-29, we will have club championship games for all in-person
        games. Lots of extra MPs with no extra charge!
Health and safety.
1) Everyone must be fully vaccinated. You must show proof of full vaccination the first time you play this year. Proof may be provided by showing your CDC COVID-19 Vaccination Record Card (or copy) or your California Digital COVID-19 Vaccine Record (or copy). We will keep track after the first time.
2) CCBC will be a controlled space. Everyone will need to check in on arrival at each game.
3) Please do not come if you are experiencing any COVID-like symptoms.

4) Masks are optional. Contra Costa County has lifted masking requirements for certain indoor settings such as CCBC (click here for details).

5) Coffee service and soft drinks will be provided. You may bring your own lunch and snacks.
6) You are encouraged to wash or sanitize your hands regularly. Look for sanitizer around the Center.

Night club game for 99ers – California 99er “Nite Club”

Three districts teamed up to offer safe and fun 99er games online for players with less than 100 masterpoints. A special feature is post-game analysis on Zoom at no extra cost. And, you support your local club every time you play.
These games are Mondays through Thursdays at 6:30PMClick here for more information about the games, and for how to register.
Eligibility. If you see the game listed when you try to register, you are eligible to play. If you don’t see the game, send your BBO user name to for assistance. Register early the first time you play so that you aren’t shut out.
What if I’ve never played online? You should play in a virtual club game before trying the California 99er Nite Club. Contact for assistance getting started.
We hope you enjoy these additional opportunities to play.

Unit Game – 

CLASSES AT CCBC for beginners to advanced players! 

Learn to be a confident declarer. Whether you want to play just for fun or are interested in serious competition, this class will elevate your enjoyment of bridge using a hands-on learning approach developed by top teachers and players. Meet other bridge players and make new friends in a friendly and engaging online learning environment.

Instructor Deb Rechnitz is an accredited bridge teacher and accomplished player. This class assumes basic bidding skills. Accompanying book available for purchase separately.

For newer players…


For advancing players

Mini-lessons Prior to most games — Monday 9:30, Tuesday 9:30, Tuesday 2:00, Wednesday 8:35, Thursday 1:45, and Saturday 9:15


See the current game schedule above