Contra Costa Bridge Center (CCBC)

See announcement below re CCBC games now on Bridge Base On-line (BBO)

Contra Costa Bridge Center, Inc. (CCBC) is a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) Public Charity, formed for the purpose of Education.  Our mission is to offer educational and playing opportunities for beginning, intermediate, and experienced bridge players in the greater Contra Costa area. We are striving to make every CCBC offering an enjoyable learning experience.

Board members of Contra Costa Bridge Center, Inc. (and e-mail addresses) are as follows:
Bruce Johnsonbaugh

Location – First Christian Church, Fellowship Hall
3039 Willow Pass Road, Concord
Phone:  925-935-2273

In addition to reaching the playing site, making reservations, and leaving messages, you will be able to get a lot of information about CCBC classes and events right from your phone.

Also note the email addresses for CCBC: for class and event reservations, including requests for a stationary position. Game directors will monitor this email address. for all other communications. The Center manager will monitor this email address.
Stay in touch!

Directions – here

Manager, Grant Robinson 

Limited and open games weekly!  Click here for the schedule!   Click here for Game Results!

Stratified Games  All games will have two to three strats, so your results will be compared to players of the same relative skill which means more master points for you.

Pre-Dealt Hands  Games will have hands prepared by dealing machines with hand records supplied after each game.

Fast, accurate scoring. Electronic scoring devices used to reduce scoring errors and provide results instantly 

Online Results. Hand records and results for each pair on every hand are available online for every game. Players can learn from reviewing these results.


CCBC games are live once per day at 10:00 AM on Bridge Base On-line (BBO) Mon-Sat, with additional games several days per week.  
Fees for all games are $5. We try to keep the cost as low as possible, and appreciate your support.

Check out the Breaking News section of this webpage for links to instructions on using BBO and playing in these games.  Click here for the complete BBO game schedule.

Labor Day Event, Monday, Sep 7
Both the 99er and the Open games on September 7 will award one-third more masterpoints, at regular charge ($5). You won’t have to work so hard this Labor Day.
Pro-Am, Sunday, Sep 13, 1:30
Mark Humphrey, surmounting the challenges of social distancing, is putting together a “virtual” Pro-Am event. He has nearly 20 tables registered, and room for more. To join the fun,contact Mark at by September 8.
Club Championship Week, Monday–Sunday, Sep 21–27

All games the week starting September 21 will be Upgraded Club Championships offering one-third more masterpoints, one-quarter of which will be GOLD. Even winners of limited games will receive gold points! The game schedule will be as usual (see below).

Other News
ACBL and BBO continue to improve virtual club games. Recent changes include:
  • Increased the number of guests permitted in online games. Contact Grant Robinson at  if interested in playing in CCBC online games.
  • Increased masterpoints for CCBC Monday and Wednesday morning Open games by receiving credit for limited games taking place at the same time. Note that ACBL’s Live for Clubs is the final word about masterpoints; BBO points are unofficial.
  • Hand records now appear in Live for Clubs. Double-dummy analysis is coming.
  • Robot pairs ineligible to win masterpoints. Robot pairs will be skipped when masterpoints are handed out.
  • Improved stratification — stratification by average masterpoints, more even stratum sizes. Better seeding is still in the works.


The club closed as of  the conclusion of the afternoon game on Wed, March 11.  Based on guidance from the Contra Costa Health Dept to cancel or postpone events for or attended by older adults or others at higher risk for severe illness, the club will be closed until further notice.  Visit this site and/or watch for e-mails via Google Groups for further updates.

Click here for current month’s special events schedule for CCBC

Unit Game – The next unit game at CCBC is scheduled to be Tuesday, April 7 at 10:00 (749er).  Check for further updates.

Change in MP limit – effective October 1, the Tuesday morning 499er game will increase the MasterPoint limit to 749.  So, all players with less than 750 MPs will be eligible to play.

New Game – CCBC began a new game for players from 0-20 MPs on Tuesdays at 2:00.  This is an excellent way to transition from classes to a sanctioned duplicate game. Partner not required.  Cost is $5 for ACBL members and $7 for non-members.  Contact Wayne Rechnitz, director or Bruce Johnsonbaugh for more information.

Saturday Morning 199er – The limit of the Saturday morning game is increased so that any player with less than 200 masterpoints may participate. The limit was 100 masterpoints. The cost remains at $7. You are guaranteed to play if you come without a partner. The game begins at 9:30, and there is a free mini-lesson preceding the game at 9:15.


CLASSES AT CCBC for beginners to advanced players! 

Mini-lessons Prior to most games — Monday 9:30, Tuesday 9:30, Tuesday 1:40, Wednesday 9:00, Thursday 1:45, and Saturday 9:15.

For newer players…



For advancing players

Mini-lessons Prior to most games — Monday 9:30, Tuesday 9:30, Tuesday 2:00, Wednesday 8:35, Thursday 1:45, and Saturday 9:15.

Civic Park Community Center in Walnut Creek has closed for two weeks (effective 3/11). This affects the Thursday morning Bridge classes:

Bridge: Declarer Play. The final session, on March 12, is cancelled. Participants will receive a refund.
Bridge: Defense. The class is Cancelled until facility re-opens.



Saturday Morning 199er Game   The Saturday morning Novice Game (199 or fewer master points) welcomes all interested newer players each week. The morning begins at 9:15 with a short lesson, then supervised play of 18+ hands. Players can ask questions of the mentors. You may come without a partner.  Contact Mike Kruley for information,, 925-609-8517 

Ravi Bhalla’s Tuesday Morning 499er Game   Lesson at 9:30am followed by game at 10:00am.  Ravi Bhalla,, 510-540-9872

Debby Rechnitz’s Tuesday Afternoon 0-20 game.  Lesson at 1:40, followed by game at 2:00pm.  No partner needed.  Debby Rechnitz,

Larry Miller’s Wednesday Morning 499er Game   Lesson at 9:00am followed by game at 9:15am.

Thursday Afternoon Novice Game (0-99 masterpoints)  Game is at 2:00pm with mini-lesson at 1:45pm, cost $7. Players are allowed to ask questions.  No partner needed.  Contact Mike Kruley for information,, 925-609-8517