Unit 499 Board of Directors


 Lyn Sacco Lyn Sacco
President (2022)
  Sam Earnhardt
(Vice President (2021)
 Andy Shockley 2  Andy Shockley
Secretary/Google Groups (2021)
   Suresh Gadad
 Treasurer (2023)
 Rich Ahlf 9.7.2014  Rich Ahlf
Publicity (2022)
 Lisa Assoni  Lisa Assoni
Forum Column (2022)
Andy Fine  Andy Fine
 Mentoring/Unit Game Schedule (2021)

 Anne Hollingsworth  Anne Hollingsworth
Member at large (2023)
 Bruce Johnsonbaugh  Bruce Johnsonbaugh
Youth Bridge (2023)
Mike Kruley  Mike Kruley
Webmaster (2023)
     Ed Lichtig
 Member at Large (2023)
   Marian Renvall
Hospitality (2023)
   Clare Smith
Membership (2022)
  Pat Torres
Membership (2023)
   Jackie Zayac
District 21 rep (2022)





To contact any Board member via e-mail, use Diablovalleybridge@gmail.com



Unit 499 Bylaws