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The latest eDeclarer (February 2018) is available!  Go to eDeclarer in the menu above to see this eDeclarer and earlier editions.

Unit Directory –  We will print the 2018 Unit 499 Directory towards the end of the first quarter in 2018 and have it available at the Unit 499 clubs. If there are any changes in your information that is contained in the print version of the 2016 roster, or, if any of you are members of ACBL and also Unit 499, and are not included in the 2016 roster, please advise Bob Barnes, Membership Chair.

Unit Games in March:
Wed, Mar 7 -  Blackhawk, 9:30am & Lamorinda, 10:00am
Sun, Mar 25 – Rossmoor, 1:00pm (open and 299er)
Don’t forget to check the club pages for club championships, charity games and other special club games.

Partnerships – Just a reminder that the Unit has its own Google Group for bridge players seeking a partner.  New board member Patti Kogan, is now in charge of managing this Google Group.  For more information, here is a document describing this Group and the general Google Group, which is still managed by board member Judy Keilin.

The Unit 499 Online Directory is up and running!  Click here to view the directory or discover what you need to do to be included.  There is also a link for the Directory in the menu at the top of this page.

Google Groups for unit news and finding partners Here is some updated info on how these work.

Free Youth Bridge Classes are held at CCBC on Tuesday nights at 7:00pm every other week (2nd & 4th Tuesdays).  Contact Bruce Johnsonbaugh at 925-766-7586 for more info.  Click here for a couple of pictures of the future of bridge!  Bruce, thank you for your continued effort to promote the game of bridge for the the youth in our unit!