The Unit 499 eDeclarer is our monthly newsletter.  It always includes several news items:  President’s Letter, Editor’s Message, Unit 499 Milestones, Club News, Tournament Results, Improve Your Bridge, Flyers for classes, tournaments, and special games.  Some months there are special articles – these are noted below.

If you want to contribute a special article, let our editor know!  Judy Keilin, jkeilin@pac

For older issues, use the Newsletter Archives. 

1. Our e-Declarer Monthly Newsletter is brought to you by the extremely hard work of Judy Keilin, Mary Krouse and many contributors from Unit 499. They work long hours to produce this excellent work, so please tell Judy and Mary, “Thank You!” when you see them at the bridge table.
2. The size of the newsletter is listed in case you wonder how come it takes a few seconds with high-speed internet, or a few minutes if you have dial-up internet, to download.