Mentoring in Unit 499

This is a program subsidized by our unit and designed for players (members of Unit 499 only) who have a minimum of 100 and no more than 299 master points.  Life Masters help these intermediate players progress in their game.  Once a mentor is assigned, the partnership will play six games together in local clubs in our unit at dates 
and times of their mutual choosing.  The mentor will receive six free game coupons, good at any Unit 499 bridge club, while the mentee pays the normal club game fee.  Following each game, the mentor reviews the bidding, play of the hand and defense from the game that day.  This review can be done immediately following the game, by phone or email.  My preference is for immediate, post-game review, when the hands are freshest in both players’ minds, and each has a copy of the Hand Record.

The guidance and constructive feedback can make quite an impact in helping advancing players. Some possible goals the mentee may choose are:

  • To feel more comfortable playing up
  • To mix and get to know more players
  • To understand table etiquette and proper behavior
  • To understand director rulings
  • To explore basic conventions
  • To solidify bidding understandings
  • To recognize one’s weaknesses and gain strength
  • To recognize one’s strength and receive encouragement

If you would like to volunteer to mentor for this program, or would like to play six games with a mentor, please contact Unit 499 Board Member, Karen Corburn, at  Any mentee can feel free to contact us to find a mentor, or you may contact a specific mentor, if you’d like.  We are always looking for new mentors!

The Main Goals of the Mentoring Program from the Unit perspective are to increase new player retention and to increase overall Club attendance.