Weekly Club Games in Unit 499

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Several clubs have games on BBO and some have started games in person.  Check the individual club pages or below for the schedule

BBO Games (and some in person.  On BBO unless otherwise noted) 

10:00am Concord-CCBCOpen, Stratified  Game Results In person
1:00pm Rossmoor, Open and 499er Stratified,  Game Results  In person

9:30am Diablo Country Club, Open, Stratified, 3rd Tuesday, reservations required  Game Results In person
10:00am Concord-CCBC, 749er, Stratified, Game Results
1:00pm Rossmoor, Open and 299er Stratified,  Game Results In person
12:50pm Brentwood, Open, Stratified  Game Results
3:00 499er Supervised Play Lamorinda Game Results In person
7:00pm (New) Open Lamorinda Game Results In person

9:30am Blackhawk, Open, Stratified, 1st & 4th Wednesday, ladies only, reservations required  Game Results In person
10:00am Concord-CCBC, Open Stratified   Game Results
10:00am Lamorinda open Game Results In person
1:00pm Rossmoor, Open (0-5500) Stratified,  Game Results
2:00pm Concord-CCBC, 0-20MPs, Game Results  CANCELLEd

10:00am Concord-CCBC999er, Stratified   Game Results In person
1:00pm RossmoorOpen (0-5500), Stratified,  Game Results

9:00am Rossmoor, 0-200 masterpoints  Game Results In person
10:00am Concord-CCBCOpen, Stratified  Game Results 
10:00am (2nd and 4th week of month),  Lamorinda 499er In person  Game Results
12:30pm Concord-CCBC749er, Stratified   Game Results
12:50pm Brentwood, Open, Stratified  Game Results

9:50am Lamorinda, 499er Stratified  Game Results
10:00am Concord-CCBC, Open & 299er Stratified   Game Results In person
10:00am Lamorinda, Open, Stratified  Game Results
10:00am (3rd week of the month) LamorindaStrati-Flighted Team Game Game Results  In person
12:45pm Discovery Bay, Open, Stratified, Game Results
1:00pm Rossmoor, Open, Stratified,  Game Results  In person

9:50am Lamorinda, 499er Stratified  Game Results
10:00am Lamorinda, Open, Stratified  Game Results


Old schedule – not applicable at this time

10:00am Concord-CCBC, Open, Stratified  Game Results
12:30pm Rossmoor, Open and 499er sections, Stratified, limited to Rossmoor residents  Game Results

9:30am Concord-CCBC, SIRS, Open, 1st Tuesday, by invitation only  Game Results
9:30am Diablo Country Club, Open, Stratified, 3rd Tuesday, reservations required  Game Results
10:00am Concord-CCBC, 749er, Stratified, Ravi Bhalla directs, lesson at 9:30am  Game Results  
12:30pm Brentwood, Open, Stratified  Game Results
12:30pm Rossmoor, Open & 199er sections, Stratified, limited to Rossmoor residents and invited guests  Game Results
1:00pm Orinda, 499er, Stratified  Game Results
2:00pm Concord-CCBC, under 20, Wayne Rechnitz directs, lesson at 1:40 Game Results
7:00pm Moraga, Open, Stratified, reservations required  Game Results

9:15am Concord-CCBC, 499er Stratified (lesson at 9:00)  Game Results
9:30am Blackhawk, Open, Stratified, 1st & 4th Wednesday, ladies only, reservations required  Game Results
9:30am Rossmoor, Open, Stratified, limited to Rossmoor residents and invited guests   Game Results
10:00am Lamorinda, Open, Stratified, reservations required Game Results
12:30pm Concord-CCBC, Stratified Open  Game Results

9:30am Concord-CCBC,  999er, Stratified   Game Results
10:00am Orinda,
Supervised Play, appx. 8 boards Drop in encouraged
2:00pm Concord-CCBC,
Novice Game (0-99 MPs)  Mini-lesson at 1:45pm.  Game Results
7:00pm Rossmoor,
Open, Stratified, open to all bridge players  Game Results

9:00am  Rossmoor, 0-49 masterpoints, supervised play, MPs awarded, limited to Rossmoor residents & invited guests   Game Results
10:00am Concord-CCBC, Open, Stratified  Game Results
10:00am – Lamorinda, 2nd & 4th Friday, 10:00am, 299er Game Results
11:00am Danville, 2499er, Stratified  Game Results
1:00pm Brentwood, Open, Stratified  Game Results

9:30am Concord-CCBC, 199er Lesson at 9:15, game at 9:30, supervised play, master points awarded.  Game Results
10:00am Lamorinda, Swiss teams, Open, Stratified (3rd Saturday of each month), reservations required Game Results
12:30pm Rossmoor, Open, Stratified, Limited to Rossmoor Residents and invited guests.  Game Results
12:30pm Discovery Bay, Open, Stratified, Game Results