Weekly Club Games in Unit 499

Click on club name for the club website page.

Check with your club to see if and when it is resuming in-person play.

Several clubs have games on BBO.  Check the individual club pages or below for the schedule

BBO Games (and some in person)


9:50am Concord-CCBC, 99er, Stratified  Game Results 
10:00am Concord-CCBCOpen, Stratified  Game Results
1:00pm Rossmoor, Open (0-5000), Stratified, Game Results

10:00am Concord-CCBC, 749er, Stratified, Game Results
1:00pm Rossmoor, Open (0-5000), Stratified  Game Results
12:50pm Brentwood, Open, Stratified  Game Results
7:00pm Lamorinda (to replace Moraga), Open, Stratified  Game Results   Cancelled as of 9/10


9:30am Blackhawk, Open, Stratified, 1st & 4th Wednesday, ladies only, reservations required  Game Results In person
9:50am Concord-CCBC, 299er Stratified   Game Results
10:00am Concord-CCBC, Open Stratified   Game Results
10:00am Lamorinda, Open, Stratified,  Game Results  Cancelled as of 9/10
1:00pm Rossmoor, Open (0-5000), Stratified  Game Results 
2:00pm Concord-CCBC, 0-20MPs, Game Results 


10:00am Concord-CCBC,  999er, Stratified   Game Results
1:00pm Rossmoor, 0-500, Stratified,  Game Results


10:00am Rossmoor, 0-200 masterpoints   Game Results
10:00am Concord-CCBCOpen, Stratified  Game Results 
12:30pm Concord-CCBC499er, Stratified   Game Results
12:50pm Brentwood, Open, Stratified  Game Results

9:50am Lamorinda, 499er Stratified  Game Results
10:00am Lamorinda, Open, Stratified  Game Results
10:00am Concord-CCBC, 299er, Stratified   Game Results
1:00pm RossmoorOpen (0-5000), Stratified.  Game Results
12:45pm Discovery Bay, Open, Stratified, Game Results

9:50am Lamorinda, 499er Stratified  Game Results
10:00am Lamorinda, Open, Stratified  Game Results


Regular schedule – not applicable at this time

10:00am Concord-CCBC, Open, Stratified  Game Results
12:30pm Rossmoor, Open and 499er sections, Stratified, limited to Rossmoor residents  Game Results

9:30am Concord-CCBC, SIRS, Open, 1st Tuesday, by invitation only  Game Results
9:30am Diablo Country Club, Open, Stratified, 3rd Tuesday, reservations required  Game Results
10:00am Concord-CCBC, 749er, Stratified, Ravi Bhalla directs, lesson at 9:30am  Game Results  
12:30pm Brentwood, Open, Stratified  Game Results
12:30pm Rossmoor, Open & 199er sections, Stratified, limited to Rossmoor residents and invited guests  Game Results
1:00pm Orinda, 499er, Stratified  Game Results
2:00pm Concord-CCBC, under 20, Wayne Rechnitz directs, lesson at 1:40 Game Results
7:00pm Moraga, Open, Stratified, reservations required  Game Results

9:15am Concord-CCBC, 499er Stratified (lesson at 9:00)  Game Results
9:30am Blackhawk, Open, Stratified, 1st & 4th Wednesday, ladies only, reservations required  Game Results
9:30am Rossmoor, Open, Stratified, limited to Rossmoor residents and invited guests   Game Results
10:00am Lamorinda, Open, Stratified, reservations required Game Results
12:30pm Concord-CCBC, Stratified Open  Game Results

9:30am Concord-CCBC,  999er, Stratified   Game Results
10:00am Orinda,
Supervised Play, appx. 8 boards Drop in encouraged
2:00pm Concord-CCBC,
Novice Game (0-99 MPs)  Mini-lesson at 1:45pm.  Game Results
7:00pm Rossmoor,
Open, Stratified, open to all bridge players  Game Results

9:00am  Rossmoor, 0-49 masterpoints, supervised play, MPs awarded, limited to Rossmoor residents & invited guests   Game Results
10:00am Concord-CCBC, Open, Stratified  Game Results
10:00am – Lamorinda, 2nd & 4th Friday, 10:00am, 299er Game Results
11:00am Danville, 2499er, Stratified  Game Results
1:00pm Brentwood, Open, Stratified  Game Results

9:30am Concord-CCBC, 199er Lesson at 9:15, game at 9:30, supervised play, master points awarded.  Game Results
10:00am Lamorinda, Swiss teams, Open, Stratified (3rd Saturday of each month), reservations required Game Results
12:30pm Rossmoor, Open, Stratified, Limited to Rossmoor Residents and invited guests.  Game Results
12:30pm Discovery Bay, Open, Stratified, Game Results