Danville Duplicate Bridge


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This Danville ACBL duplicate bridge game started on Friday, September 21, 2012. As of August 2017, now directed by long-time ACBL certified director Michael Gosnell, these games have a friendly playing atmosphere. Free coffee and snacks will be provided.  The Masterpoint upper limit was changed in 2016 to 2500.

Friday 11:00am, 2499er, Stratified   Game Results


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Location:  Danville Veterans Hall/Senior Center  (4 hour parking is one block west at Prospect & Railroad by the Museum of the San Ramon Valley)

115 East Prospect Ave, Danville CA 94583


Michael Gosnell
Email: michaelgosnell@hotmail.com
Phone:  925-949-9630

Hand records with pre-dealt hands will continue for all future games. For all who have not played with us, please come on by. We have a very friendly group.