David Sterling – Danville Duplicate Bridge

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This Danville ACBL duplicate bridge game started on Friday, September 21, 2012. Directed by long-time ACBL certified director David Sterling, these games have a friendly playing atmosphere. Free coffee and snacks will be provided.  The Masterpoint upper limit was changed in 2016 to 2500.

News from David!  Click here!  StaC info, club championship, and holiday closures

Friday 9:30am, 2499er, Stratified   Game Results


In June, please see the following schedule:

  • June 2nd Charity Game
  • June 9th Club Championship
  • June 16th NAP Qualifier
  • June 23rd NAP Qualifier
  • June 30th Closed –Space not available – Change

Location:  Danville Veterans Hall/Senior Center  (4 hour parking is one block west at Prospect & Railroad by the Museum of the San Ramon Valley)
115 East Prospect Ave, Danville CA 94583

David Sterling, Certified ACBL Director
Email:  dvbst@hotmail.com
Phone:  925-683-1083 (cell)

Hand records with predealt hands will continue for all future games. For all who have not played with us, please come on by. We have a very friendly group.