Current & Future Classes

Please contact teachers directly for exact times, dates, and subjects.

CCBC Classes  – Classes for all levels.

Walnut Creek Civic Park Community Center/in conjunction with CCBC  -

Advanced Bidding  Thursdays, 10:00–noon, Civic Park Community Center, Walnut Creek, Grant Robinson, begins October 16, click here to enrollclick here to contact instructor.

Introduction to Bridge For new and returning players, Thursdays, 10:00–noon, Civic Park Community Center, Walnut Creek, Grant Robinson, next series, on declarer play, begins January 11.  click here to contact instructor.

Thinking Bridge Mondays, 7:00–9:00, Civic Park Community Center, Walnut Creek, Grant Robinson, click here to contact instructor.  New session begins October 16 (through November 13).  ​Registration. 

Details on the CCBC classes page.

  • Rossmoor Classes  –

    The Rossmoor Duplicate Bridge Club (RDBC) is offering a new class for intermediate players.   It will cover planning and play for both no trump and suit contracts.  The class will begin Monday, October 2.   It will be held from 9:00-11:00 a.m. for eight weeks in the Oak Room at Gateway.   The instructor will be Ravi Bhalla.

    The class will include techniques in suit play for trumping losers in short hand, discarding losers on side suit winners, side suit establishment, finessing, when to draw trumps, partial trump drawing, how to play suit combinations, strip and end plays, counting and card reading, cross ruffs, taking advantage of shortness, how to play a weak trump suit, combining your chances, and managing entries.   In no trump contracts it will review techniques to create additional tricks, analyzing stopper situation, promoting high cards, developing long suits, analyzing opponents lead, holdup play, positional stoppers and the danger hand, entries and unblocking and ducking to sever communications.  It will also cover the difference in matchpoint and IMP scoring.  Practice hands will be played to illustrate these techniques.
    To register for the class call Barbara V. Smith at 256-4430.  The cost of the class is $40 for RDBC members with an additional $10 fee for membership for nonmember residents.  The nonresident cost is $80.  Checks should be payable to the Rossmoor Duplicate Bridge Club.   There will be an additional cost of $5 payable to the instructor for notes provided.
  • Moraga Classes by Jerry Chamberlain and Winnie Jasper –  New classes start Monday, on June 12 for beginners and there is Supervised Play on Tuesdays.  Click here for all the info!
  • Free Youth Bridge Class for 10-25 year olds.  It is held at CCBC on Tuesday evenings.  If you or anyone you know is interested, call Bruce at 925-766-7586.