Lamorinda Bridge Club

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Winnie Jasper & Jerry Chamberlain, 183 Corliss Drive, Moraga 94556 (on the corner of Corliss and Crossbrook Drives at the stop sign).

There is on street parking, but we ask that you do not park in front of the house directly across the street from us (184 Corliss Drive) per request of the home owner, and please do not block any mail boxes, as we have been informed by the post office that they will refuse to deliver the mail. Please try to park on our side of the street and/or around the corner on Crossbrook Drive or in our driveway. We have a walkway from the driveway to the front of the house.

Wednesday is trash collection day, and each of the type containers is picked up by different trucks at different times of the day. Please leave plenty of room near any cans put out at the curb to guarantee access to the containers by the trucks.

Please help us be good neighbors!

Reservations are required for all games: Winnie:

or 925-376-1125 (home); 925-766-5228 (Jerry Cell)  925-683-1908 (Winnie Cell)

We are an ACBL Sanctioned game. We use bridge pads and provide Hand Records for all games.



Daytime games will be outside in the back garden under hard-top Gazebos weather permitting. The Tuesday evening game will be indoors.

Reservations are required for all Face to Face Games.
Please email Winnie: or call or text at 925-683-1908.
Given enough notice partnerships can be arranged.
New class sessions begin as below.  
We are initiating a 9-week course focusing on Play of the Hand. (ACBL sanctioned text). Lamorinda has the textbooks and they are included in the tuition fee of $200 for the course. The sessions will be weekly on Mondays from 9:30-11:30am commencing March 11, and ending on May 6, 2024. (LBC Students may repeat a class for $100 per course.)
The third series on Defense will be taught June 17 – August 12. After a short break we will once again teach the first series, Bidding in the 21st Century, meeting from September 9 – November 4.
Please sign up in advance for this class with Winnie by phone or email or text (see contact information at the end).

Single session classes continue on Mondays from 1:00-3:00

***List of special topics and expected dates (slight changes in scheduled presentation may made at the request of our students).
$20 per session, reservations recommended.

April 22- Losing Trick count (numbers of players love this concept- assists partnerships in deciding whether to open the bidding and how high to advance the auction
April 29- Rule of 20 and Pierson points to determine opening bids. One noted author has a book titled “points smoints”.
May 6-Inverted Minors
May 13- Drury Convention
May 20- no session
May 27- no session Memorial Day holiday
To assist in your learning process Lamorinda Bridge Club will host a Wednesday afternoon
game that will feature a selection of hands from the Monday afternoon topic mixed in with other randomly dealt hands. This is important as often when one learns something new it may be
several bridge games before you encounter it at the bridge table, and you may not even recognize
it unless you practice it right away to understand it better.
Jerry will entertain special requests of topics and will reserve the right to alter the above schedule
accordingly. We will send out updates on the schedule in coming months to announce possible
Game Schedule:
Tuesdays: 3:00-5:30pm, Supervised Play; 14-16+ boards with Master Points awarded; three questions allowed per player. This is a Limited 699 game; $10 table fee. 
Tuesdays: 7-9:45pm Open Game; 18-21 boards; $10 table fee. Optional Potluck Supper 5:45-6:45pm, $5. 
(Beginning January 10:) 
Wednesdays: 3-5:30pm, Supervised Play; 14-16+ boards with Master Points awarded; three questions allowed per player. This is a Limited 699 Game; $10 table fee. This game will include a selection of hands from the Monday Afternoon Special Topic Seminars mixed in with other randomly dealt hands.
Fridays: 10am – 1:15pm, Limited 699 Game; $10 table fee.
We will be offering Team Games on the third Saturday of the month – 10am, $10/person
May 18
June 15
These will be Strati- Flighted whenever possible. If you wish to play please organize a team of 4 players and register ASAP. If you wish to play but do not have a complete team please let Winnie know and hopefully she can cobble together a team. Game time 10AM so please come earlier. $40/team ($10/person).
Once there is sufficient interest, we will resume offering supervised games on Wednesdays at 9:30am for our newest players at a low limit for a $10 table fee, three questions allowed per player.
As in the past, reservations will be required for all Face-to-Face duplicate games. Wearing masks will be optional. (All games are awarded Master Points and have hand records available and posted on the results page at www.
Please contact Winnie at 925-683-1908 or
Lamorinda Bridge Club, 183 Corliss Drive, Moraga, CA 94556
Or Melinda Matson Hall, Cell Phone: (925) 330-2435; Email:
Please leave the equivalent of three parking spaces open in front of the house directly across the
street from us. Thank you!
Winnie Jasper and Jerry Chamberlain

925-683-1908 (W Cell); 925-766-5228 (J Cell); jerry

Jerry Chamberlain & Winnie Jasper

925-766-5228 (Jerry) 925-683-1908 (Winnie) 925-376-1125 (Home)

The table fee is $10 per person for all games. An extra charge of $1 per person will be assessed for games supporting Local Charities and for STaC games.

Snacks and Beverages are provided and contributions to the pot-luck style food break are welcome.


Upcoming Schedule: