Contra Costa Bridge Center (CCBC) Classes

For newer players…

Introduction to Bridge  For new and returning players. Thursdays, 10:00–noon, Civic Park Community Center, Walnut Creek, begins September 13. Instructor Grant Robinson. Click here to enroll online on August 13.

For advancing players

Ongoing Intermediate Bridge – If you are unfamiliar with these classes, they are intermediate-level intended for those who play regularly. Use hands-on teaching methods combined with mentored play to improve your bidding, declarer play, and defense. Focuses on reasoning and judgment; standard bidding used throughout so you can come alone or bring your favorite partner. Lesson materials included. Specific topics will be announced in advance (see below).  Lesson materials included.

The classes are offered by Walnut Creek Recreation and Contra Costa Bridge Center. This means the classes are not drop-in, and require registration. Also, regrettably, a higher cost, but see below if you need flexibility.
Classes are from 7:00 to 9:00 at Civic Park Community Center in Walnut Creek.
These classes are offered jointly by Contra Costa Bridge Center and Walnut Creek Recreation. Walnut Creek Recreation handles registration, and by default will enroll you in an entire six-week series. If you know you will miss some classes, contact the instructor for options.
Two-Over-One Game Forcing
July 23 – Aug 27 (6 classes)
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​Once upon a time in bridge, there was resistance to switching from strong two-level opening bids to newfangled weak two-bids​. You know which won out. Then along came five-card majors, which are nearly universal today.
A similar shift is taking place from “standard” bidding to two-over-one game forcing (2/1 GF). Virtually all advanced bridge players play 2/1 GF (unless they play Precision or something even more exotic). Most consider 2/1 GF a superior method, even for beginners.
This class will allow you to switch to 2/1 GF. I will recommend mainstream methods, and give you a short checklist for playing with a new partner. As usual, these classes will include hands-on learning and practice, with handouts for your reference and study.


Free Youth Bridge for 10-25 year olds.

Every other Tuesday evening 7:00pm-8:30pm (New times)
Contact Bruce at 925-766-7586 to register or for more information.