Contra Costa Bridge Center (CCBC) Schedule

Games are being conducted on-line via BBO on the following schedule until the club re-opens.

Mondays 9:50AM 99er ($5)

Mondays 10AM Open ($5)

Tuesdays 10AM 749er ($5)

Wednesdays 9:50AM 299er ($5)

Wednesdays 10AM Open ($5)

Wednesdays 2PM – 0-20MPs ($5)

Thursdays 10AM 999er ($5)

Fridays 10AM Open ($5)

Fridays 12:30PM 499er ($5)

Saturdays 10AM 199er ($5)

Sundays 1:00 Open ($5) – generally 2nd and 4th Sun of month (Sun Mar 28 will be a swiss team game)

The regular schedule below has been suspended due to COVID-19.  See above for schedule of BBO games on-line

CCBC Weekly Game Schedule

10:00am Open, Stratified, lesson at 9:30 am

9:30am SIRS, Open, 1st Tuesday, by invitation only  
10:00am 749er, Stratified, Ravi Bhalla directs, optional 9:30am lesson.
2:00pm, under 20 game, no partner necessary, mini-lesson at 1:40.  Wayne Rechnitz directs.

9:15am 499er, Stratified, Larry Miller directs at 9:15 AM (with lesson at 9:00)
12:30pm Open, Stratified

9:30am 999er, Stratified
2:00pm Novice Game (0-99 masterpoints), mini-lesson at 1:45pm. Mike Kruley directs

10:00am Open, Stratified

9:30am Novice Game (0-199 effective Jan 7, 2017), mini-lesson at 9:15am.